Text is Boring? Make Voice Annotations!

In Tate.me you can make voice annotations, so you can really tell the author how you feel about their bleepin' copy. No really, sometimes a short voice recording can more clearly explain what you want or point out the problem. Tate.me makes it easy to record your voice, directly from a your browser, with any annotation.

Works with Chrome

New: Quick Page Navigation

Navigating pages is even easier now. Just click on the page indicator in the header and the quick page select popup can be used for navigating to any page. Note that a green color indicates an approved page. And remember that when a page is select all views: the annotations, canvas, etc. are synchronized

Works with Chrome

Online Presentations

One of the cool feature in Tate.me is "Follow-me mode". Follow-me mode works great for giving presentations to your customer(s) or even a group of other users.

To follow another user, click on the users menu in the header, and then select "follow" for the user you'd like to follow. Now your Tate.me view will follow the other user. If the user you are following changes pages, so will your view. But, even better, both of you still have full access to Tate.me features, for example, either of you can create annotations, add comments in the project chat etc. The only requirement is that the user be a member of the project, so you be sure to invite them to your project first (in users menu).

So how do you tell another user that you want them to follow you? Click the Email button at the top of the page. Check the "Send follow me email". Now the user will receive an email with a link that when clicked will automatically bring them into the project with follow-mode alredy started - couldn't be easier.

Email Pages with Annotations

You've got mail! So let's say you've got your project loaded in Tate.me, and are on page 3. There you find a grammar mistake made by one of the copy authors. How do you alert your copy author about this problem?

The most impactful way to do this is to make an annotation highlighting the issue, and then use Tate.me capture-to-email feature. Click "Email" (which is always available in the header) and choose the guilty author from the list of users and check the "include screencap and annotations" selection. Press "Send" and presto, the author will get an email with the screen-capture and annotation as well as a link to bring them directly into the project, and onto the page and with the annotation highlighted - you can't get more direct than that.

Ok. So maybe your author wants to dispute this? He/She can expand the annotation and add a comment directly to the annotation so that you can together enjoy that back-and-forth banter that editors and authors crave. "This is wrong", "No, I don't think so", "Really, what is the correct sentence..." :)

And don't forget that you can add attachments to the annotations, like an alternative image, or color example swatch.

Chrome Plugin: Capture Web-Pages Directly to Tate.me

Ever wished you could capture a web-page and annotate it directly. In Tate.me you can do this with the Chrome Screen-cap plugin. This is great for finding and squashing pesky layout issues in responsive web designs. Just resize your view until you see what you want, and then press the Tate.me screen-cap button and it is automatically loaded and available to annotate in Tate.me.

To make this work, you should first login to Tate.me in another browser tab, and then be sure to select which page (in Tate.me) where you want the screen-cap to be inserted - before doing the screen-cap

This feature is in beta-testing and available by request.

What kind of content does Tate.me support?

Currently, Tate.me supports multi-page PDF files, PNG and JPEG images.

We might expand this in the future, but almost every tool, from Word to Keynote will export to PDF, so you'll have to do that first before uploading to Tate.me.

If you feel this is a big issue for you, send us some feedback!

Where does the "tate.me" come from?

Tate.me is short for annotate.me.. See that: "anno"tate.me :)

It's also nice that it's a name that means happiness in many languages. Tate's goal is to make you happy. Get started today - Tate.me's secure and wont cost you anything (at least not until you get a bunch of projects or want organization management features, but heck we need pay our developers somehow).

Tate.me Signup

When you sign up for a free account you will be given access to a sandbox project where you can explore the features in Tate.me. You can create your own personal projects, and invite others to become reviewers of your project. You will have access to all the real-time collaboration, annotation, review, and email features of Tate.me. Access to your uploaded documents, recordings, created annotations, etc., is controlled by you: only you and your invited reviewers will have access. Tate.me uses HTTPS and requires all users to be authenticated.

Tate.me is currently in beta trial. We may contact you by email from time to time to provide information about updates etc. You can cancel/close your account at any time without obligation. Free personal accounts will be be limited to 5 personal projects and 5 reviewers

Feel free to contact us at anytime! We'd love to hear your feedback.