The History was founded by a team of experienced publishing professionals and a world-class software developers. A customer focused and international team with shared values focused on making life easier for publishers and reviewers alike (and themselves!).

We're a small team with some big ideas - we're tired of seeing editors and authors rely on overpriced and inaccesible tools to perform simple review and feedback tasks. Futhermore, we really like it when all everyone involved in a review tasks can communicate what the problem is, and did it get fixed. In our experience this pain-point alone accounts for friction between authors, editors, customers,etc.

In creating we realized really how useful and general purpose it is. Some might call it feature-creep, we call it feature-rich. is useful for many design and review related things - like presentations and bug-reporting. Give it a try today.

The Team

Thomas O'Rourke
Co-founder and architect;
Never look back!

Petri Karjalainen
Co-founder and publishing-brains;
I need this!

Lane LaRue
Developer extraordinaire;
Home on the grid!

John Geer
Developer experiencee;
Make it solid, now!

Jared Scott
Developer UX;
We can make this easier! accounts

When you sign up for a free account you will be given access to a sandbox project where you can explore the features in You can create your own personal projects, and invite others to become reviewers of your project. You will have access to all the real-time collaboration, annotation, review, and email features of Access to your uploaded documents, recordings, created annotations, etc., is controlled by you: only you and your invited reviewers will have access. uses HTTPS and requires all users to be authenticated. is currently in beta trial. We may contact you by email from time to time to provide information about updates etc. You can cancel/close your account at any time without obligation. Free personal accounts will be be limited to 5 personal projects and 5 reviewers

Feel free to contact us at anytime! We'd love to hear your feedback.